Welcome To: the Advice Saver


Hello, there lovelies, it’s AmazieAdvicy, I know my username is corny, but it was the best I could come up with.

Don’t Hate. I know it’s perfect.

But anyway, enough about my lack of picking good usernames, this is about my blog: The Advice Saver.

Okay, well, my blog helps with problems, and gives advice on certain situations, I help give on what NOT to do, and what to do. Because I’m just so excellent at everything, I need a grammy for it.  But for my blog, I like to help people, and give my experiences, entertain with funny stories, and help people with things they don’t know how to deal with. Let’s be honest, no one is perfect, except me, I’m so fabulous, it hurts. Just kidding.

But I give tips, and other stuff, like stories, awesome things I like, cool videos, and other amazing stuff, but this mostly is based on advice, add a corny joke here and there, and that’s about it.

LOL, but I know I have like 1 follower: And that’s me.

Lonerrrrrrr alert.

But anyway make sure to follow my blog and yeah, see what I post, I will try to post at least one thing a week and stuff, but yeah I will comment on your post so people will notice me. eheehe.

It’s all about the comedy here,

People who can’t take a joke, the exit buttom is on the top right on the computer screen.

Everything happens for a reason, and I can’t think of a reason right now, but it’ll come to me one day, but when I do I’ll make sure to tell you.



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