You Know What I Don’t Get #1: Losing Stuff…

Advice For You

Every time I lose something, everyone in the world has to be looking for it.

So today, my annoying brother, (who shall not be named, but we will call him… Dodo.)

Anyway, Dodo lost $10.00 today and was looking all crazy for it, under the couch, the roof, and the dog house. But he couldn’t find it anywhere. Being the amazing sister I was, I decided to help him by sitting on the couch, where he already looked, so that way he would know not to look there again.

Now I know what you might be thinking:

“How does that help?”

Because it just does, don’t question the physics.

But, anyway, if he knows that I’m sitting where he already looked, he would know NOT to look there and that way he can spend MORE time looking in places that he didn’t, and it would make the process go much, much faster. So, by me being sitting there, he would know, okay time to look upstairs.

(Which is good if he looked upstairs because if he looked on the couch he would be in the way of me watching my T.V show.)

So, here is my theory:

If someone is looking for something they lost, help them by sitting in the places they already looked, for example, my brother checked his room to make sure he didn’t drop it there, so if you stay in that room, he might come back and you can easily remind yhem:


I’m telling you, my plan works perfect.

But when I lose something….


See the difference?!?!’

Lol, okay, maybe I exaggerated maybe a little bit.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this little post and make sure to follow my blog 😀



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